Uncategorized Top 10 Reasons to Live in Lake Chelan I need to start by saying, that my list of top 10 reasons have not been audited by a major accounting firm, nor have I used a survey heavy hitter like MORI to develop it.  Instead, I have relied on something much more tangible, the more than 20 years that I have worked with home […]
Uncategorized Water, Wine and Weather…Why People Love Lake Chelan For those that already live in Lake Chelan this recent news clip, from Komo News is nothing new, Lake Chelan is the hidden jewel in Washington state that beckons travelers with a glacier fed lake (fifth deepest) in the United States, unparalleled weather (over 300 days of sunshine a year) and a robust and growing […]
Lake Chelan What do I do with my fireplace in the summer? One of the best things about living in North Central Washington, and in the Lake Chelan area in particular, is the that we have four distinctive seasons – Spring, Autumn, Winter and my favorite Summer, which is just around the corner, where the temperatures, already beginning to warm will begin to become downright summer like, […]
Lake Chelan Why Buy a Home in Lake Chelan Now? I know what you are thinking, a realtor telling you that now is a good time to buy a home in Lake Chelan, when wouldn't they say it was a good time to buy.  The reality is, no joke, it is a great time to consider purchasing a house in Lake Chelan right now and […]
Lake Chelan Welcome to Lake Chelan This is a picture taken from the foothills overlooking Lake Chelan.  You can see how beautiful it is here, and why so many people consider either moving to this area, or purchasing a second property here.  Lake Chelan is my home, and I have been in business of finding people their dream property for over […]
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