Uncategorized June 26, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Lake Chelan

I need to start by saying, that my list of top 10 reasons have not been audited by a major accounting firm, nor have I used a survey heavy hitter like MORI to develop it.  Instead, I have relied on something much more tangible, the more than 20 years that I have worked with home buyers in the Lake Chelan area, which in my books tells the real story of why people fall in love with Lake Chelan.

Reason 10 – High Quality and range of Housing Available

Lake Chelan is a 55 mile, narrow glacier filled lake in the middle of Washingon State.  Here is a photo montage, created by Go Lake Chelan that shows the wide range of lake side properties.  These are not cookie cutter properties, rather, individually crafted structures that blend beautifully into the landscape and take full advantage of the beautiful vistas available.  See some of the properties currently on the market.

Reason 9 – Best Air Quality in the State

Most people focus on our 300 days of sunshine and why shouldn't they.  If you've spent most of your life west of the Cascades, it's a wonderful treat to see the sun, and almost unbelievable to think that North Central Washington residents are spoiled with warmth and sunshine through out the year.  To even make it more attractive, the air quality, a result of proximity to the lake, low year-round populations, altitude combine to give Lake Chelan pristine air quality, unless there is a fire as there was last year, but even so, Chelan's air quality was much better than all the surrounding region, and many outdoor sporting events were rescheduled to take advantage of the conditions. I would love to show you the an air quality map, but it would appear that the maps are created to serve people living in areas with moderate or low air quality.

Reason 8 – Stunning Views

It doesn't really matter where you look this area is beautiful.  Green and lucious by the lake year round, with browning hillsides over the summer.  Here are just a few of my favorite vistas.

In my next post I will write about reasons 5 (small town charm) ,6 (outdoor recreation), and 7 (fresh grown, organic produce).