Lake Chelan May 3, 2013

Why Buy a Home in Lake Chelan Now?

I know what you are thinking, a realtor telling you that now is a good time to buy a home in Lake Chelan, when wouldn't they say it was a good time to buy.  The reality is, no joke, it is a great time to consider purchasing a house in Lake Chelan right now and here is why:

  1. Interest rates on fifteen year mortgages are the lowest that they have been.  Just this week, they hit a record low of 2.56% down from 3.07 a year ago, and equally importantly…
  2. House prices are on the rise, and available inventories are shrinking, in most major markets.

That's true for the Lake Chelan area, particularly if you have your heart seat on high demand lakefront or waterside property.   And who wouldn't want to live in Lake Chelan, if you could wake up to scenes like these every morning:

Imagine sitting on the sun deck reading a novel and sipping a fresh latte.  Life doesn't get much better than that.  And with 300 days of sunshine, your dream can easily become a reality.  It sure beats, the grey, rainy days that many Washitonians endure.  With the change in work habits, and excellent high speed internet services, you can live and work, in the idyllic beauty of Lake Chelan.

I have worked with many couple who have wanted to find balance in their lives and crave the warmer, sunnier environment that the Lake Chelan region has to offer.  If you give me your hit list, I will come back with a list of properties that will delight and surprise you.  Come live the life you've always dreamed of here in Lake Chelan.